What a difference a day makes!

So 24 hours ago I was all doom and gloom.  Shattered and grumpy!  But today I feel so much better.  The lesson I have learnt is to try and find balance.  Doing too much, cramming in too many chores in a 48 hour window is just too hard on my body.

These three little babies are certainly keeping me on my toes!

I can’t remember being this bad on my first son but according to my mother I was!  Obviously it was much harder for others to be around me than I can recall.  I am sure I wasn’t this bad but the mind has a wonderful way of being selective.  During my ‘feeling sorry for myself’ day my mother also said -‘well i’m sure your body can only produce so many hormones’ ie. having triplets can’t be that bad.  EXCUSE ME!!! It was like adding fuel to a fire!  In my very irrational state it is incredibly hard to be rational.  So god love them but my loved ones will probably remember this pregnancy without fondness as I continue to being a walking ‘hormone’.  And of course, I’ll remember none of this and will tell stories of how easy the triplet pregnancy was.

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