Tired and Grumpy!

Well I definitely need a couple of happy pills!  The sun is shining and its a glorious day but i can’t seem to shift the tiredness and sickness.  Triplets is definitely not an easy pregnancy.  I am now nearly 9 weeks and completely shattered.  Its like being knocked over with the hammer.  I just want to crawl back into bed.

Anyway, as the title says – tired and grumpy!  I also seem to be in a continuous state of guilt.  My poor baby son is being kept in creche so that i can get on with things but really i should have him in the park playing!  Starting a 3 month contract next week so trying to get meals made for my son.  The least I can do is give him a home cooked meal.  But i find that unless its in the freezer it won’t happen. So tupperware is at the ready and the pots are simmering.

On a positive note – the babies are doing great.  They were concerned that the identical twins did not have individual membranes but the scan showed them yesterday.  So delighted that there will be no concern of cord tangling.  Still need to watch out for twin to twin syndrome but that doesn’t seem to be as serious.

Still find it mad seeing three little babies on the screen during the scans but what a miracle!

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