Edging closer to D day!

Now 22 weeks and getting so excited. Not a thing has been done in the house to prepare for my three new delights but all will be ready by the time 34 weeks comes along. (I hope!)
Had another check up on Tuesday and everything is going great. They now each measure approximately 16 ounces. Of course, this doesn’t mean much to me but the delight on my doctors face gave me great comfort. He reckons the triplets are all progressing really well.
Still suffering with tiredness but finishing work very soon so that should help. Went to yoga last night and feeling it today in my pelvis. I’m just really stiff this pregnancy – think I might try some one on one yoga and see if I can get some good stretches incorporated into my programme. Triplet pregnancy is completely different to carrying a single baby. The aches and pains are very tough. I’m just not able to do the exercise I did when carrying my son. Even though the end was most definitely a waddle, I was out walking every day to keep moving. The lesson learnt is how much I value my fitness and being able to exercise.
It will be challenge when I next step foot into the gym to loose all the weight and get fit again. But I think that I will relish the challenge (and the head space from 4 little ones).
So roll on the next 12 weeks and please be fast! I want to meet all my ones!

Chicken Pox

There are plenty of mothers out there who will have gone through the trauma of a child with chicken pox. The sleepless nights, the cries, the grumpy child and the itching are only the start of it. It is a week I never want to repeat. Oh sweet Jesus! And of course, pregnancy fatigue and nausea combined with chicken pox meant a very long week! My poor son got a bad dose and welts started appearing all over his body. He still has the scabs as a result but my gagging while applying the cream to the blistered back was sight to behold. Neither of us were in a fit state for the week and especially in the middle of the night when he was in most pain.  But I have a few words of wisdom following my experience and thought I would share them. The first is – DO NOT give Phenergan or Dozol. They caused even more heartache as my lovely happy baby turned into a possessed child from the exorcist! He went hyper – I only gave very small doses of these drugs but the effect was extraordinary. No sleep or broken sleep for an hour or so and then more hyperactivity. Keep it simple and stick with paracetamol. Cool baths are great – the heat just aggravates the skin even more and don’t use any soap or bath solutions. Add a stocking or mesh full of oats to the water. Oat milk is an old wives tale but really does work to help calm the skin. Another great product is PoxClin. This saved us! Instead of old fashioned camomile cream this creates a barrier over the chicken pox and helps them heal.

So a busy week but my sanity was rescued when my very kind mother took my miserable little boy for a couple of nights. This meant sleep!!!! For the first time in a very long time I got to sleep! Apart from the week from hell I have been suffering from insomnia. This is a cruel side effect of pregnancy. I have run through the full archive of BBC Desert Island Discs (practically) and tried all sorts of relaxing techniques. Some of them work, some of the time. The worst words of wisdom I have got so far is ‘this is nature’s way of preparing you for when the baby arrives’ always followed with a little chuckle to themselves. Really?! 9 months of no sleep is going to help?! Anyway, my saint of a mother took my son and I feel rejuvenated.

It is so true – accept all help that is offered. Parenting is tough, so sometimes you need a little break to catch your breath. But the most wonderful part of this week was being reunited with my beautiful boy. Now fully recovered, he is back to his happy self and last night we both slept soundly until the alarm woke us up this morning.  

Next week, I get to have another big scan to see how the triplets are doing. I can’t wait! I know you get plenty of side effects to remind you – yes you are pregnant! And a belly that is ever expanding! But for some reason until I see them on the screen in the ultra-sound room, I never fully believe its happening to me. Will keep you posted…….

What a difference a day makes!

So 24 hours ago I was all doom and gloom.  Shattered and grumpy!  But today I feel so much better.  The lesson I have learnt is to try and find balance.  Doing too much, cramming in too many chores in a 48 hour window is just too hard on my body.

These three little babies are certainly keeping me on my toes!

I can’t remember being this bad on my first son but according to my mother I was!  Obviously it was much harder for others to be around me than I can recall.  I am sure I wasn’t this bad but the mind has a wonderful way of being selective.  During my ‘feeling sorry for myself’ day my mother also said -‘well i’m sure your body can only produce so many hormones’ ie. having triplets can’t be that bad.  EXCUSE ME!!! It was like adding fuel to a fire!  In my very irrational state it is incredibly hard to be rational.  So god love them but my loved ones will probably remember this pregnancy without fondness as I continue to being a walking ‘hormone’.  And of course, I’ll remember none of this and will tell stories of how easy the triplet pregnancy was.

Tired and Grumpy!

Well I definitely need a couple of happy pills!  The sun is shining and its a glorious day but i can’t seem to shift the tiredness and sickness.  Triplets is definitely not an easy pregnancy.  I am now nearly 9 weeks and completely shattered.  Its like being knocked over with the hammer.  I just want to crawl back into bed.

Anyway, as the title says – tired and grumpy!  I also seem to be in a continuous state of guilt.  My poor baby son is being kept in creche so that i can get on with things but really i should have him in the park playing!  Starting a 3 month contract next week so trying to get meals made for my son.  The least I can do is give him a home cooked meal.  But i find that unless its in the freezer it won’t happen. So tupperware is at the ready and the pots are simmering.

On a positive note – the babies are doing great.  They were concerned that the identical twins did not have individual membranes but the scan showed them yesterday.  So delighted that there will be no concern of cord tangling.  Still need to watch out for twin to twin syndrome but that doesn’t seem to be as serious.

Still find it mad seeing three little babies on the screen during the scans but what a miracle!