Saw and felt my babies move!

There is nothing more magical than a baby scan. And when you have three babies growing inside you it makes it triple the fun!  Three perfect little hearts beating away and three perfect little bodies kicking away. I’m nearly 11 weeks pregnant with my triplets and even though it’s early, I can already feel them moving. It’s like little pops in my lower tummy. I asked the doctor it this is possible – appearantly yes because I have already been pregnant. 

Thank god for the joy of a baby scan to keep you going! As this week I have really needed something to keep me going. It can get a bit overwhelming at times. The unbelievable tiredness, constant sea sickness and sleepless nights. On top of that the guilt that I can’t spend energetic time with my little son. He needs lots of activity and I’m like a mopey teenager lounging on the couch! I hate guilt – I know it’s a mothers curse and no matter what will be I will always want to do better for my children. 

At least I know this is only temporary, 20 weeks to go – nothing in a lifetime!

My mother bears the brunt of my moans and even though she says I’m doing great, I can’t help but think it must be torture listening to me! 

A couple of weeks ago my family decided that I was a problem to fix and the solution – sell my house! Now that’s stress! Trying to move, start a new job, be a single parent AND be pregnant with triplets!!!! Needless to say I decided to put a hault on it. Although they are absolutely right – a move is very necessary for many reasons not just space but financially (live in an old house – bit of a money pit). I can’t do everything. I know I’m sometimes Wonder Woman but now is not the time! Unfortunately, this was taken up as I just needed another push! So next minute the property man was at my door telling me the sign is ready to go up! So I did what any strong independent woman would do – I called my mum!!! 

So babies are thriving, work is going great and Red is just amazing. He said choo choo today – Mensa child!!!!! Enough to be very grateful for! No more about the moans (for the moment).  


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