Edging closer to D day!

Now 22 weeks and getting so excited. Not a thing has been done in the house to prepare for my three new delights but all will be ready by the time 34 weeks comes along. (I hope!)
Had another check up on Tuesday and everything is going great. They now each measure approximately 16 ounces. Of course, this doesn’t mean much to me but the delight on my doctors face gave me great comfort. He reckons the triplets are all progressing really well.
Still suffering with tiredness but finishing work very soon so that should help. Went to yoga last night and feeling it today in my pelvis. I’m just really stiff this pregnancy – think I might try some one on one yoga and see if I can get some good stretches incorporated into my programme. Triplet pregnancy is completely different to carrying a single baby. The aches and pains are very tough. I’m just not able to do the exercise I did when carrying my son. Even though the end was most definitely a waddle, I was out walking every day to keep moving. The lesson learnt is how much I value my fitness and being able to exercise.
It will be challenge when I next step foot into the gym to loose all the weight and get fit again. But I think that I will relish the challenge (and the head space from 4 little ones).
So roll on the next 12 weeks and please be fast! I want to meet all my ones!

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