Somethings have an unexpected way….


My three beautiful ladies have arrived. All got here safe and sound approximately two weeks before expected and are the absolute apple of my eye!! I know most new mums who have other children can relate – the worry is always how will I be able to love them as much as my little boy. I shouldn’t have worried! It was immediate. Even in the incubator with tubes and masks they were beautiful and perfect. They were born at 32 weeks and very small so it’s been a slow progress over the last two weeks. Two of the girls will home this weekend, while one little girl is taking her time and will be home when she’s ready. 

My contractions started early. I started to feel Braxton Hicks for a few days. The were getting stronger and stronger. I knew my doctors appointment was only a day or two away so I waited to see. The last thing you want to do is land in too early to the hospital. The morning of my 32 week appointment I dropped my boy the crèche. Driving and lifting a 16 month I’m sure are on the ‘don’t do’ list!! By the time I got to the doctor I was having fairly strong contractions every 10 minutes but they were a bit all over the place. Still hadn’t said anything and sitting with doctor and my mother who were having a full conversation about very little. I waited patiently and then told him I was contracting and it wasn’t just Braxton Hicks. At which point he stood up and guided me to the door. ‘Right we will admit now and you will probably deliver this afternoon then.’ 

‘What?!’ My mother was not prepared!!!! She had broken her foot and cracked her ribs only two weeks previously – another story!!!

By 2pm I was dressing into the gown and socks. By 4pm I was in the delivery room getting prepped. By 5pm my girls were coming! 5.04pm Stella arrived, 5.05pm Francesca and then 5.06pm it’s a girl! Abigail arrived. 

All perfect!

I finally got see and touch them at midnight. Was such a long wait and I was aching to see them. It was a very strange experience being in a room without your baby but all three had to stay in ICU to get strong. So far they have been thriving. They get stronger every day and feeding is going well. 

This time I’m bottle feeding. As a mum of four under two I have to be practical. It wasn’t an easy decision but a necessary one. But I am flabbergasted at some nurses nerve! Less than 24 hours after delivery one of the ICU nurses approached me about how important it was and how I really should be giving my children a better chance. Now I’m a strong person but in that moment I was very vulnerable and she made me feel terrible. I was very hormonal and cried all day. They have no right to do that to someone when you’re seeing your girls in a very vulnerable state and not able to hold them. Myself and my doctor had discussed my options it was none of her business. Funny how many do ask you though. I have had a number of people approach me and ask. 

The same people also love to ask about conception. Eh none of your business!!! Do I ask you about your sex life?!

Anyway, so here we are! Soon we will all be home. The girls need to reach 35 weeks, gaining weight and feeding on bottles. I’m very proud of them as they soon graduate ICU and the real fun begins! 

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