Home Sweet Home

My three little ladies have arrived home and now our ‘normal’ can begin!

Our house is now full of muslin squares, blankets, baby grows, nappies, bottles and wipes.  There is a lot of paraphernalia when you have three babies but i am loving the chaos.  As someone who generally loves order this chaos could send me into a tail spin but god bless those love hormones.  It just doesn’t matter at the moment.  The most important thing is how all four children are doing.

Thankfully all are doing great.

My little boy headed off in his red dragon costume this morning, the girls have been fed and I have just had a cup of coffee.

Its the simple things.

Now that they are born I so much feel more human and have energy again.  That was a bloody tough pregnancy so it is great to be able to run up the stairs, jump out of a chair and run after my boy.  Christmas is only around the corner and I definitely think by then I will be ready to step out that door with my heels on, hair down and make up done. (Not yet though!!!!! – jelly belly from three babies and the hair doesn’t usually see a hairdryer these days)

Few tips that have helped me:

Feeding chart! – brilliant as long as you stick to writing everything down.  This includes times, amount and nappy changes.

Downsize! – Make one room your new home (for the moment) – we are literally living in the kitchen/play room.  The girls are in a cot, the changing station is here, their clothes are in a basket in the corner and the kitchen allows feeding of all! This allows us to live quite easily and no one is left on their own.

Swaddle! – premature babies are difficult to wind and are more used to being inside you.  There isn’t much room in your belly so like are used to being tucked up and cosy.  They tire easily and need a lot of sleep so wrap them up, put them down and let them sleep!  Don’t keep picking them up as tempting as it is.

Get help! – there is no point in being a martyr.  You will not receive any gold medals for doing it on your own.  All you get is absolutely exhausted!  I am feeling pretty calm these days because I have help.  Help is offered and I have learnt to accept it.  You need to find time for yourself, for your toddler and for your triplets – that is not possible without help!

While they are this size, life is pretty calm.  In no time we will be dealing with rollers and crawlers.  I am going to enjoy this phase first.

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