The word preeclampsia always described a condition I had never even considered happening to me.  It was something that others had and told their stories of horror. So when I heard to word uttered by my doctor yesterday I was not too thrilled.  Had another check up (now a weekly get together – ‘how are you?’ ‘fine’ ‘any questions’ ‘no’).  I am so used to hearing everything is great that I just thought this appointment would be the same.

‘Unfortunately we will have to send you down to the day ward for more checks.’  Sorry!  I have been up since 1.30am (pregnancy insomnia).  Do we really need to do this?  My poor mother’s mind started to race – anniversary weekend with her husband vs hospital with daughter.  Not great timing!

I, of course, like any other with an internet enabled phone started googling like mad.  It turned out i had every symptom ticked by the time we got to the day ward.  Funnily I didn’t panic or start to get nervous about the situation – I just knew i wasn’t ready to meet my triplets.  The bag hasn’t been packed, not one baby grow has been washed!  So apart from high blood pressure, protein in my urine, i started to believe i had nausea, blindness etc etc…..

The first thing they do in the day ward is check your blood pressure again – mine was normal.  The second is another urine sample – mine was normal.  Thirdly a blood test to confirm and yes mine was normal.  So after a day of hanging around the panic is over and i am back to having normal complaints.

Last Friday I managed to catch a documentary about having triplets.  Probably not advisable when pregnant with triplets but I couldn’t help it.  Once committed I had to watch to the end.  But it made me realise that I am blessed.  These girls had all sorts of problems to contend with and yes this is a high risk pregnancy.  I have had nothing serious happen and yesterday was only a blip.  The babies are flying, I’m still able to carry my son let alone walk and we are nearly there.

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