Dear body, now is not the time to fail me!

Four weeks to go – yip skip!!!!

The triplets are doing amazing.  Had a check up a few days ago (now on weekly visits) and each one is growing at the same pace as a singleton.  So at nearly 30 weeks, each weighed approximately 3.5 pounds – incredible.  Based on this rough estimate I am now carrying a lot of baby, placenta, fluid etc etc!!!!!!!!

It goes without saying that as a normal female I generally will notice a couple of pounds up on the scales.  Usually you have the dreaded facing of music on a Monday morning and new focus for the week ahead.  This would include plenty of egg whites, leafy greens, bowls of porridge and a lot of exercise planned for the week – how far you get with this plan varies!  However, when the extra weight is due to pregnancy with triplets all you can do is celebrate knowing how much they are thriving, put your feet up and have an extra couple of chips.  I seem to have the celebrating down, the extra food – no problem but the feet up is not easy!  As you know, I have a beautiful 15 month old boy who still needs ‘Mama’ to pick him up, carry him and play.  For the last few weeks I have struggled along with some success but now I am stuck!  My back has gone on strike.  Sciatica pain – if you have ever had it you will never forget it.  The shooting pain travels down from your glute through the leg.  Oh my god it hurts!!!!!! So now I’m a bit of a hot mess – pelvis and back are generally required for daily life.

So this is where the breaking of the bank begins.  All hands on deck to bring me through to full term with triplets (34 weeks).  I have hired enough help to mind an army and will address the cash flow another day.  I have also discovered that anyone wishing to have children on their own must have a good support network in place.  It is true what they say – it takes a village to raise a child.  So I am very grateful for my village!  Offers of help have come from all angles and I feel very lucky to have it.

My little boy has been pretty good about the whole situation (lots of different minders) but recently has started acting out on frustration.  He is a good-natured boy who has a very contented personality.  I can tell that he is getting frustrated with me though.  I have been hit, bitten and head butted.  Now, I know this is very normal behavior for his age and thankfully he doesn’t act out with anyone else.  I have tried the ‘gentle gentle’, the taking of hand and saying ‘no!’ and now i am on to ignoring – I’m going to see if this works.  This morning was pretty bad….. I did the usually ‘will we say good morning to the babies’ and straight away he said ‘no’ and started head butting my stomach.  Of course, no harm was done to any of us but it was a very physical response and something I will need to be mindful of in the future.  I don’t think we give our kids enough credit for our perceptive they are.  Change is coming and as we all know – no one, especially children, like change.

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