Getting excited!

So i know its been a while since my last post but there have been times that i just didn’t feel the urge to put down in words how it was all going.  When you start sounding like a broken record to yourself you know it is not the time to share your thoughts.  Sufficed to say i am glad another month has gone by and i am now only 6 weeks away from welcoming the triplets into this world!

Sleep – well who needs it.  I have learnt to manage on very little these days, and although i get tired, i am learning to pace myself a bit better.  I am generally awake by about 3.30am and up by about 6.30am.  The 6.30am start is more due to the fact that my little 15 month old is not too keen on a lie in.  I usually get a yelp from the other room or a ‘Mama’ which means rise and shine another day is here.  We have had a couple of weeks of sleeping through the night – those mothers who love to tell you about how long their little one sleeps – i don’t listen to anymore! But there has been the odd night where, even after the 5 minute wait to settle, i have had to go in. We recently had another sinus infection to contend with.  The poor fella was miserable – as you would if not able to breath properly.  So after the 5 minute wait in i went to a very upset little boy.  I lifted him up and cuddled him for a little while. It was still pitch black in his room so i couldn’t really see too much.  As i sat there sushing him and letting him know everything was all right i leant down to kiss his forehead.  To my joy i realised that i had just kissed a lump of snot.  So while sushing and cuddling i was also gagging and desperately trying to get the snot off my lips.  This is all in the name of love and truly only something a mother would go through!

Went to visit a mother quads last week – best tip ever – get colour coded feeding charts!!!  I’m off to google a feeding chart!

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