Let it go! 

  All week the Disney song ‘let it go, let it go’ has become my new mantra. Life is absolutely mad these days. Full of noise, drama, tears and laughter.  I have officially handed myself over to the madness and let go. I am now loving my new chaos. Most days are spent running. Running from one child to the next, running to do pick ups, running the get the dinner on, do a shop, change a nappy or ten, make a bottle and so on and so on. It is important to add that I am lucky because I have help to get through the day – thank god for it. I think I’ve learnt that there is no point in trying hold onto the past but to continue allowing my new future to unfold. ‘Let it go, let it go’. I am the happiest I have ever been. Even when we have a lowsy temper tantrum or another high temperature to deal with it is still me at my happiest. How great is it to be able to say that! Don’t get me wrong it is not perfect by any stretch and there are plenty of ways it could be better/easier but I’m happy.  Speaking of which…..

A few months ago I heard a doctor interviewed on radio. She was discussing pain relief for babies and how much is too much. In this conversation it came up that she did not believe babies suffer with teething pain. I stood there staring at the radio in disbelief! As many of you will know this is rubbish. When a baby gets teething pains it is a nightmare. All sleep patterns and daily routines go out the window as you try to mother them through it. My son is nearly finished this phase and my daughters are just about to go into it.  I will happily try all remedies and some have proven to be pretty successful but really it’s (excuse the pun) a bloody pain. 

Everyone is in much better form this week and I am trying to get a good routine going. Doesn’t always work but the difference is this week is all the kids have been down by 8 o’clock each night. Oh it’s great when routine starts to click!  Really hope those teeth hold off for a little while! 

Seems I have a daredevil on my hands. Red enjoys fairground rides as much as I do. Looking forward to our first trip to Thorpe Park already!   

2 thoughts on “Let it go! 

  1. Hey gorgeous lady. I’ve just been reading this. You amaze me. I hope to be in Dublin in the summer and it would be great to see you and the kids. I’ll bring my own little bundle of chaos along. Love K x


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