Wind is the enemy!

  My beautiful ladies are now 5 weeks old and getting more gorgeous every day.  Each girl has their own way and personalities are already shining through.  For the most part I am so blessed.  Considering they were 8 weeks early, none of them have any premi problems and are now like any new born with all that entails.  When my son was 5 weeks old he had signs of colic and I panicked!  How was I going to cope with a crying baby?! Well that was nothing compared to the panic of three crying babies.

When they were in ICU, I was led into a false sense of security.  Most of the time they were fed through a tube that went down to their tummy.  This tube remained while bottles were introduced.  This wonderful little tube meant that if there was even a remote sign of wind the nurse could simply suck the air out with a syringe – oh how easy!!!!!!  Well role on a couple of weeks later and now at home with no tummy tube……… Wind is the enemy!

So unfortunately, here we are – grunting and gurning is our new melody.  Sometimes can be heard in crescendo but mostly in succession.  Their little tummys are struggling to cope with the air sucked in from the bottles and the formula doesn’t help!  I started on Aptamil 1 and have now moved onto Aptamil Comfort.  The change has helped slightly but it still isn’t perfect.  Young babies just struggle!  Before you question – no I am not breastfeeding – I am not superwoman!!!  They are feeding for 18 hours out of 24 hours and the rest is dispersed throughout the day.  I also have a 17 month old.  I think I’m doing great but would be a basket case if had a baby permanently attached to me.

The next step is to try gripe water, infocol etc….  these are little drops given during, before or after a feed to assist in winding.  I hope these become the miracle!!!

My son turned a corner after 3 months and I have no doubt the same will happen with the girls.  In the meantime, I will continue to pat on the back, rotate in circles, keep up right, elevate while sleeping, feed with drops, prop after feed etc etc…

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