Okay so now I get it.  I have been waiting all week for this madness that people expect with one toddler and three newborn babies.  Now I get it!  Saturdays and Sundays might just be my nightmare days.  I have planned for all eventualities but Saturday and Sunday mornings are just not going to be too smooth.  I have great help and support for the week.  The girls are on a great schedule, my son is in creche and I have extra help in the house.  All of this happens Monday to Friday.  By Saturday it all changes.

This morning it was just me and my four little goonies.  Rise and shine its 6am!  First breakfast for my son, get a wash on, get him changed and dressed, clean up the kitchen, empty the dishwasher.  Now this is nothing new!  Except from now on, on top of this there are three new mouths to feed.  So bottles to be sterilized, more nappies to be changed and two more hours of feeding.  Also playing lego, building train tracks, making pillow forts and driving cars all over the room.

I remember back to when my son was born and how calm it all was.  This lovely bundle of joy snuggling in my arms!  And how I never felt like I had a minute, how even boiling a kettle or having a shower was an achievement.  Now I am running a marathon!  While playing with my son down on all fours, I was also juggling at least one baby in a hope to get the wind up.  Feeding is now done with great speed and finesse.  With my boy, I have a stop watch – 20 minutes on each breast.  Burping was a leisurely pass time.  They say it changes with y0ur second  – this is so true and the third and the fourth!

So now I get it!

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