We did it!!!

Well sort of! I think it was harder imagining going through potty training than actually going through it. Of course we are not totally in the clear yet but the difference is fantastic. And a big bonus – No more nappy changes will definitely help reduce the weekly grocery bill.

We still travel everywhere with three potty’s ‘just in case’ and I will probably have to carry a bag clothes with me for the next few month but honestly I’ll take that! The girls feel a huge sense of achievement. A house full of ‘big girls’ and ‘big boys’ means in reality we have said bye bye to the baby stage. Part of me feel sad and nostalgic for the lovely early days but this swiftly passes when I remember the very serious reality of no sleep!

Next week is the start of a whole new stage. Every body will be in Montessori together. All four will be in class together. Definitely wasn’t able to imagine this two years ago when very much knee deep in nappies, feeds and no sleep!

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