A bit late but …… Happy New Year!

I can’t believe how long it has taken me to update my blog – but then I recall all the madness of having 4 toddlers in the house.  Yes, I did say toddlers!  The girls are no longer babies anymore.  I occasionally get a pang for a little baby – oh I love babies!!! But don’t worry I do also know my reality.  I have no intention of having anymore children.  I have reached my fill.  The kids are so wonderful and keep me nice and busy in a way that ensures no more pregnancies for me!

All of the girls have taken their first steps.  The house is now filled with wobblers and one running boy.  The girls are still not completely steady on their feet but each day their confidence is building. I am building up their walking outside but teaching three ladies the rules of the road is not an easy task. 

Today I am celebrating the first month of no sickness in the house. There is still plenty of nose wiping but after lots of temperatures and sleepless nights, stocking up on tissues is nothing.

The girls are now full of chat and this is a wonderful new dynamic in the house. Each of them are learning the face ‘nose, eyes’ while poking at your face is very cute. Their ‘baby’ is an essential accessory and Red is followed everywhere he goes. 

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