Atchoo Bless you! 

Three sick little ladies, one sick moma and a teething boy make for one yucky house. Coughs and colds are the curse of winter. It only takes one of us to catch something before we all start coughing and spluttering. 

Naturally my biggest concern is my two month old babies who are not well. When a tiny baby starts getting the snuffles all hell can break loose. At the moment it’s all in their head area and hopefully won’t reach their chests. 

They’re not feeding too well and we have had a few projectile vomits. I had never seen anything like it before. It is like a horror movie!! It shoots out of their mouth and nose. Poor things as it gives them a real fright. Yesterday, in order to keep vomiting at a minimum, it’s been little and often. A tricky feat with three but determined to keep them out of hospital with dehydration. 

My once aversion to others snot is a thing of the past after having children. You find yourself cleaning noses on a constant basis. I have also got my new best friend – a nasal aspirator (snot sucker)! Brilliant invention for small babies who use their nose to breath. There are two types (who knew!). One with a bulb at the end that you squeeze to suck the snot out bs another which requires you sucking the snot out. Now I love my children very much but the thought of sucking snot out with my mouth is just going too far! 

Humidifier is another great purchase this winter! I’m nearly tempted to have one for every room but that might be extreme mothering! 

So I’m sure this is the first of many colds, coughs and splutters. Each winter brings something and babies are like magnets to all germs. As long as we can all stay home and no visits to the hospital. 

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