19 weeks pregnant with Triplets

Firstly, apologies for the lack of post in the last while. Its been a busy month! 
Since I last wrote I have been away and experienced my first and last week in the sun with a ‘wobbler’ while being pregnant with triplets. I would advise all women in this circumstance – don’t do it!! As a dedicated sun worshiper it pained me to have cut the trip short and come home for sleep. I am still suffering from pregnancy insomnia and had to share a room with my son. This equalled disaster as neither of us go any sleep! So after getting to hysterical tiredness I decided the only thing for it was to head home and rest! Miraculously, as soon as we landed in Dublin both myself and my little boy slept soundly. Happy to be in our own beds, in our own rooms, peace and quiet resumed. 
So back to normal. Being a single working mum has its definite downsides but being a heavily pregnant single working mum is just hard – plain and simple. I think I underestimated what other mums did. I have now conceded and decided the only thing for it is to get some extra help. The evenings are getting physically tough and I need someone to assist with carrying my son, getting him into the bath, fed and ready for bed. But I am generally a hands on mum so it pains me to have someone else do all these things and I hope it doesn’t effect the brilliant bond I have with my son.
Meanwhile, I can’t get over the love that gushes from me for my son. Wow how wonderful it is being a mother! He has advanced to the tantrum stage early (only just turned one!). I have done plenty of googling on the subject but I have come to the conclusion that – while yes ignoring is the best policy – time is the only true healer. He will just have to grow out of this one I think. I am trying not to laugh too much when he gets into one of these fits because I won’t let him ‘down’ on the main road but really they are funny how they try to push it as far as they can.
Getting so excited about the big arrival – only 15 weeks to go!!!!!!!

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