Here we are! One mum with one baby and another 3 on the way

Hi Everyone

So this is the first of my posts and best to start with an introduction!  A couple of years ago, I was turning 35 and decided it was time to look into having a baby.  With no man in my life this wasn’t going to be an easy journey but I knew I could do it.  I have a super family who have supported me on every step.

After a very tough year of 3 IVF failures, I thought I was going to have look at alternatives.  That was until I met my current Doctor!  After one IUI procedure I was delighted to find out I was pregnant with my very beautiful son. (He said ‘You’re just not having enough sex!’)  Red is now 10 months old and brilliant.  He is the absolute joy of my life!  As soon as he was born I knew straight away that I wanted to go again.  Obviously I had a little bit of sense and decided to wait a little while.

I had three straws from the donor.  Red was the result of one of these straws and so I had two more attempts available to me.  So when Red turned 8 months I headed back into the clinic.  This time it was done with little hope but I reckoned just give it a go.  On a Saturday morning with my beautiful boy bouncing on my belly, the doctor inserted the sperm.  Off we went and my focus turned back to Red.  Within a week the morning sickness started.  It was at this point that I knew it had worked!  A couple of days later I did a test to confirm the pregnancy.

I was delighted but scared as I knew it was pretty crazy having a second baby on my own and I hoped that my family would support me.  But this was only the beginning!!!  6 weeks later I went back to my Doctor for a scan.  And here we are – 8 weeks pregnant with triplets!  OH MY GOD

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So I have no idea what lies ahead but this is where I will keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Here we are! One mum with one baby and another 3 on the way

  1. Where you on any kind of ovulation stimulation medication? or was the triplets natural? That is so exciting. Your going from a family o of 2 to 5!


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