This is not a race, its a marathon…

Its one of those classic cliches that is used many different occasions. ‘Don’t run yourself into the ground’ is another.  But no one can prepare you for how overwhelming triplets and a toddler can be.  The last weekend was my first real test and I like to think I coped okay.  Just don’t think any further than a day ahead!!!

My wonderful family situation works like clockwork…….. As long as everything and everyone is okay, its a pretty smooth operation but any hiccup and oh sweet jesus!

So the week was always going to be tricky.  My minder was away and i had arranged a patchwork of helpers for the week.  I thought i was doing great, all problems solved until Saturday morning and all let loose again.  Weekends are the hardest part of the week for me.  I am generally on my own with all four children both mornings.  Feeding the girls takes about 2 hours so coupled with my son this can be quite a stressful time.

My mum had agreed to take my son for the night and I knew that he’d have a ball.  I was looking forward to some quality time with my ladies.  By lunchtime I noticed that Francesca was struggling to breath.  At about 4pm she had started to pant.  Straight away I knew this was not good.  Her temperature was fine, she was alert and was feeding well but the breathing was now very labored.  Your maternal instinct kicks in.  Brought her to the hospital where she was admitted with Bronchilitis.  Apparently this is very common at this time of year but obviously dangerous when baby is under 7 weeks old.  The doctors were being over cautious but i was happier with that than going home and something serious happened!

So, single mum of four required an army of help!  I have to say sleep depravation was the worst because it meant I wasn’t thinking straight.  I had a lot of great offers to step in but I really wasn’t able to focus.  As result of our night in A&E I was a bit of basket case.  Post pregnancy my health has not been 100%.  I have struggled with high blood pressure, migraines, swollen gums, etc etc.  I am in need of a good dose of multi vitamins and iron! As the title of this post goes…. this is not a race, its a marathon.

I have recently started trying to spend one on one time with each of my kids.  This is actually quite time consuming but wonderful.  Each has their own personality and ways.  Its great when I get to know them individually.  Its also really important that my son knows i haven’t disappeared on him.  He is like a different child when we hang out on our own.  Although the girls are very young, already they are full of personality and need one on one time.  Having help around me has allowed this alone time, I am lucky to have it but would have it no other way.  When my son doesn’t get this attention he acts out.  He has occasionally hit and bitten me.  All classic signs of wanting you.  I try not to make too big an issue of it and am just very firm about not allowing it.  We have a time out step in the house.  He has had to sit there on a couple of occasions.  Usually for a minute to let him calm down.  Once the minute is up, he quickly says sorry and gets back to playing.  Its turned out to be really effective and I am conscious of not over using it.  Children like to test boundaries every once and a while but I’m consistent.

Its a juggle parenting four with plenty to keep you busy!  My next challenge is to structure my week better.  Just like babies, I thrive on routine.