Teething and other milestones 

So this is more a milestone post than anything. 

The big news this week – Francesca and Abigail have broken their first tooth. Hard to believe that 8 and a half months have passed since their arrival! 

All of the girls are now shuffling across the floor. This means you need to watch them constantly. Before you know it, one is under the table, another is behind the tv stand and last but not least one has managed to squeeze under the couch. 

They’re getting much more independent and very happy to play amongst themselves for a little while. My son is still the most exciting person in the world as far as their concerned. 

Red is getting very proficient with a ball and entertains each night with his kicking skill. 

Since being away, his language has really come on and he now has a good grasp of sentences. 

Stella is showing great coordination and concentration. She likes to observe first whereas the others love to dive in! I suspect she may be first to walk. Slow and steady!

The girls are now on a new schedule that seems to be working really well. Last night Stella slept all the way through till 6am. Woohoo!!!!

Here’s the routine:

Up at 6ish – bottle 

8am – breakfast

9am – sleep (40 min approx) 

11.30 – lunch

12.15 – bottle 

12.30 – 2.30pm sleep/quiet time

2.30pm snack and bottle

5.30pm dinner

7pm bedtime

Up there as one of the worst holidays ever! 

Word of warning to all. Never go away with a young baby and hope they’ll keep to a reasonable routine. Add another two babies to that and all I can say is HELL! 

Week one down and nope this is not fun. Constant crying, no sleep at night, teething babies… I could go on but won’t. I’m in the middle of a nightmare. Our beautiful simple routine has been swallowed up and spat out in Costa chaos! I’m currently sitting outside my triplets holiday bedroom trying to ‘cry it out’ with three highly strung, wired babies. This is not what I signed up for. 

It’s not their fault at all. I feel like the biggest idiot thinking this would be a great break for us all. Nope!! Wrong there!!!!

This is single mother hell. 

On the plus side my two year old is having the time of his life. Loves the water. Loves the sunshine. Best holiday ever – for him!

Us four ladies are being slowly tortured. 

Another week gone!

Another week is flying by and soon I will be on the 10 week countdown. Although this is important, for me, getting past 24 weeks will be a milestone I will definitely celebrate. This is the week when babies born after are safe – not out of the woods but safe to deliver. Every week after that is just to hold on to them and make sure they get nice and plump for the outside world. I’m not at 24 weeks yet (only inching towards 23 weeks!) but feel it is only around the corner and an easier goal to visualise than delivery date.

It also happens to coincide with my birthday. Another big date in the diary! Hard to believe I’ll be 39! Yikes!!! I have already set myself the challenge of looking fabulous at 40. Seems like I have spent the last few birthdays either trying to get pregnant, pregnant or exhausted with a new born. So by 40 I will be a mum of 4 and inching towards wobbler stage with my little ones. Life will have well and truly moved into a new chapter for me. Something I am extremely excited about.

My poor little boy is teething this week so our world has been turned upside down.  Sleepless nights are part of the course.  He’s unlucky and tends to get very congested when teething.  Hopefully they will come soon and he will be back to his normal cheery self.  In the meantime, the mattress is at an angle, tissues are at hand and plenty of doses of calpol are helping us get through it.

His words are coming on leaps and bounds.  He has a multitude of words to express himself but also has his own language which he uses to tell all his news.  The latest addition to his vocabulary is ‘No!’ along with a very clear swipe away to indicate the absolute meaning of the word.  So negotiations with a 13 month old have now started to take a new direction.