Week 20 of triplet pregnancy

This week my new nanny started and I feel a bit lost! I get such a kick out of spending time with my son and the fact I can’t at the moment is breaking my heart! I have another 13/14 weeks to go and it can’t go fast enough. I am really looking forward to being able to play chase, get down on the ground and play with his toys, carry him upstairs without running out of breadth! It’s the simple things in life!

However, despite how I feel about it – she is the Mary Poppins of modern day and I am blessed! She is a lovely girl and I know we will all get on great. My son seems to have taken a shine to her already – so I have no doubt that this will be very successful. When you have to sacrifice time with your son so that you can rest it is reassuring to know he is in safe hands.

But children are amazing at expressing themselves and this morning I noticed a lot of whining. He only does this with me – which made me realise that actually this is his way of expressing his annoyance at the lack of time we are spending together. This, I am sure, is a talent that will only perfect even more over time. As he gets older I have no doubt that this is one habit he won’t grow out of.
Had a wonderful moment yesterday when he walked for the first time – oh what a joy! It’s such a monumental step in a child’s progression and to be honoured with the first time he did it is such a gift. At 13 months this is still quite young so don’t expect any marathons to be run anytime soon.
Had a doctor’s appointment this week and all is going great. They babies are each measuring well and they estimate the weight at nearly a pound per baby – which is wonderful! Still struggling with ferocious tiredness and would love a burst of energy but that is minor when I think about the miracle of my three little ones. We discussed the due date again and now he is saying it will definitely be before 34 weeks. I’m happy to have a date in mind now and hopefully it will fly in. Have another 4-6 weeks in work and then I’m off with my feet firmly in the air. I generally like to keep busy but at the moment a couch and some pillows under my feet sounds like a lovely idea!