I can remember so many changes and milestones when my son was born but when the girls came along it seemed to blur. I always thought it was so important to remember key dates and put pressure on myself to be that parent who would be able to recall key seminal moments. However, once another child comes into the family (or three!) this quickly becomes a thing of the past. In reality I have come to realize it’s not actually important.

It’s not about remembering the exact date and at what time your child spoke a three word sentence or even their first step. For me it’s about being present to them when I am with them. Yes gradually over time they have developed speech, run the legs off me and can have conversations with me and each other. Every once and a while I sit back and watch them becoming independent people. Today I noticed that they had there own separate conversation without me, came to their own conclusion and continued on without needing me. I’m sure this isn’t the first time this has happened but it’s the first time I noticed.

So although I don’t remember all the little steps, every once and a while (if I step back and watch) I see the people that are emerging.


  I know over the years there have been plenty of times when I asked my mother when did I do this or that. Of course like any normal human she doesn’t remember everything. To be honest there are lots of things my son did that I now don’t remember. So here’s a list for a keep sake –

Stella was the first to roll over at 12 weeks. 

Francesca was the first to smile at 9 weeks. 

Red started eating with a fork at 16 months

Abigail was first to display her personality in all its glory from the moment she was born. 

The girls started sleeping 5/6 hours a night by 10 weeks. 

Red started asking ‘what’s this?’ and forming four word sentences at 18 months. 

I’m leaving out loads but these are just some of the important ones. 

The girls are now 15 weeks old so many more will follow as they get older.