Potty no more

As the saying goes every day is a school day. So there is a little known fact that many children can regress when a baby comes into the house. This is something I did not know until it happened to me. Three little ladies have meant my son is now behaving more baby like. As a result, the nappy is back on, he was wants me to spoon feed him with a baby spoon and have baby bottles.

After a couple of weekends of constant cleaning poo and wee I had to put the nappy back on. My little boy didn’t even bat an eyelid! Quite happy to go back to nappies (no long term damage there then!) for the moment so we will have start again in another while. It seems he has no interest in being a ‘big’ boy just yet, so until it looks like he’s ready I will continue to keep Pampers in business and hope they don’t decide to stop making size 6+ any time soon.

The girls are now into everything!! Climbing is their new past time. Each of them gets a great kick out of climbing into nooks and crannies but frustrated when they get stuck. When I had the girls many recommended getting a playpen. Although I can see some merit in it, I am trying to see can we mange without. I just don’t like the idea of containing when all they want to do is explore at this age.