Yum yum

 Taste buds are an amazing thing. I feel a big responsibility to ensure that my children get a balanced diet. As someone who has struggled with dieting for all my life I feel that it is my job to try and help my children get the right start. Obesity is a really serious issue and it is a complicated problem. While my children are babies with no health issues, I think there are things I can do to help. I control how much excercise we get, what food we eat and I am the first voice they hear. I am the one who must ensure they are fed and clothed.  These are the fundamentals but I also hold responsibility on how they see their beauty, intelligence, safety and confidence. Most of the time I don’t even pass a thought about these things but as a single mother it is all on me.

I influence what my children think of themselves. I grew up with very low self esteem and self worth. I have spent years working on this and will probably be working on this all my life. (like most women!) I know many will think I am being over dramatic and what they’re fed now doesn’t have such an impact but it is my belief that from the moment that child is conceived you have a responsibility to give it the best chance you can. So although I am skipping forward the years – that first spoonful of mush means something.  The same could be argued about breastfeeding or avoiding rubbish in your diet while pregnant.  I am far from a saint and have made plenty of mistakes.  I have also done lots of things others would question.  No, my girls did not get breastfed, yes, I did eat plenty of ice cream and pizza while pregnant and I don’t adhere to the ‘Baby Whisperer’ style of parenting.  So I don’t have a saintly approach to life or motherhood but think there are some things I can do.

With my first boy everything was organic, homemade and time was spent planning each meal.  This time round time is a real issue.  Trying to fit everything into one day is not easy!  Plus the level of consumption means nothing lasts too long in the fridge.  I do have a cupboard full of ready made packs of baby food and have had to dip into there on occasion.  It will be much easier when we are all eating the same thing! But unfortunately we have another few months to get through.  I love to cook but the constant pealing of carrots, apples, pears etc can be hard to fit into the day.

Having said that, there are some staples that we couldn’t live without.

  • Organic Baby Rice
  • Nutri bullet – best invention ever!!!  Days of old this was used for my personal diet regime.  Now a quick, easy baby food blender.
  • Avocado and banana – packed with good nutrients
  • Sweet potato, squash

Because they were premature, their swallow is difficult. This is something they don’t tell you when leaving the hospital but is the most significant thing I have had to tackle, getting the girls to first take bottles and now food!

I just keep trying and in the end that is all I can do.  When time becomes such an issue, all you can do is the best for your kids.  As my mother said – they will all be on the couch in years to come blaming me – so with this in mind I am learning to not sweat the small stuff. In time their taste buds will develop and they will all grow up.  This is a tiny moment in our lives but right now the world revolves around my four little beautiful, intelligent, creative, bright eyed children!